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This article is the first in a short series about virtual reality (VR); the origins of the term and concept from imagination to realization, as well as disambiguation of the term augmented reality (AR). Later articles will focus on VR in gaming, adopting AR as a lifestyle, and modern VR devices....

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In 1969, Ohio Educator Edgar Dale developed the theory for the Cone of Experience (also known as the Learning Pyramid) based on the idea that the medium through which we are trained at something is directly related to how well we learn it. The main idea behind this theory is that we remember ~10% of the material we read, ~20% of the information we hear,...

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AI in Healthcare is set to bring transformative changes. In a previous article, we delved into its role in elder care, but its impact on the broader healthcare system is even more profound. However, the applications of AI are much more far-reaching and will likely have a positive impact on the entire healthcare system. The reason for this is because AI will be responsible for...

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