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Managed Workstations

Elevating Workstation Efficiency with Expert Support

Your team puts their computers through the ringer. Long hours, punishing operations, and demanding software. It’s no wonder that they may act up or get a little run down over time. Green Line Solutions provides computer and workstation support services and managed workstation services. Whether you have 10 workstations or 100, Green Line’s white-glove managed workstation service will keep your team working efficiently.

Discover Green Line’s White-Glove Approach to Workstation Management

Ensure security and reliability for your PC’s with Green Line Solutions. Affordable monitoring and security measures provide peace of mind without breaking the bank.

PC’s are getting easier to manage by the day, but security and reliability are always major concerns. As cloud applications take over and on premise servers go away, clients are relying on us less day to day but still need to know that we are in touch with and keeping their systems secure. You can have your business physically secured by a security company for a nominal fee per month. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to keep your network and PC’s monitored and secure just because “computers are complex”. With appropriate monitoring and security policies and software set up, this isn’t a daunting task.

You Can Count on Green Line to:

  • Proactively Monitor PC & Server Hardware
  • Active Monitoring of Network Hardware & Wireless Access Points (WiFi)
  • Monitor your internet connection(s) and take care of outages
  • Remote Monitoring & Reporting of Backups or Security Threats
  • Endpoint Security & Update Management
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Immediately alert you of potential business interruptions, regardless of time of day.

IT Consulting

Work with the experts at Green Line Solutions to get the help you need.

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Project Management

Green Line Solutions will help you with just that: ensuring your most important projects go smoothly, on-time, and on budget.

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Microsoft Office 365 Consulting

Microsoft products have been central to businesses for nearly 3 decades and reliance on the productivity suite has only grown.

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VMware Support

There are a variety of virtualization technologies available to get the job done, and Green Line is highly experienced with many of them.

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