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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is when a user has to provide multiple pieces of information to verify their identity when signing into a secure system. When signing into a secure system, a user will typically use a traditional username & password and will then receive a secondary request for more information after initial sign in. This is typically a code that is generated on demand and...

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Most technology users are all too familiar with the problem of having to charge mobile devices on a nearly daily basis, whether scrambling to reach an outlet before a phone dies or searching in vain for the right charger. Some tech companies are attempting to resolve all these problems with the promise of wireless charging....

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Although many people have only interacted with AR through the guise of entertainment, the technology has a broad array of AR applications that could transform the workplace. The use of AR offers possibilities of improving employee training, increasing productivity, and making workplaces safer. This technology will manifest in myriad ways, from tablets and headsets, to smartglasses and even contact lenses....

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